Enjoy an intimate Tsechu experience set in the Ura district of the Bumthang Valley, Bhutan’s spiritual heartland. Tsechus (festivals) are one of the best ways to experience the ancient living culture of Bhutan. A Tsechu is a Buddhist festival in honour of Guru Rimpoche, the saint who brought Buddhism to Bhutan. Local villagers gather in a spirit of festivity, celebration and deep faith to witness unique masked dances and celebrations. Also visit sacred sites in Paro, Thimphu, Punakha and Gangtey.

There is also an optional day tour of the beautiful Haa Valley available as part of this tour.

Brief Itinerary

DAY 01: PARO (2280m) –THIMPHU (2320m) 65KM/APPROX 1HR

DAY 02: THIMPHU (2320m)

DAY 03: THIMPHU (2320m) – PUNAKHA (1300m): 77KM/APPROX 2 ½HR

DAY 04: PUNAKHA (1300m)

DAY 05: PUNAKHA (1300m)- TRONGSA (2316m): 135KM/APPROX 5HR

DAY 06: TRONGSA (2316m) – BUMTHANG (2600m – 4000m): 68KM/APPROX 2 ½HR

DAY 07: BUMTHANG (2600m – 4000m) – Ura (3,100M) Approx 1 hr drive

DAY 08: BUMTHANG (2600m – 4000m)

DAY 09: BUMTHANG (2600m – 4000m) – PUNAKHA (1300m)

DAY 10: PUNAKHA (1300m) – THIMPHU (2320m) PARO (2280m)

DAY 11: PARO (2280m)

DAY 12: PARO (2250 m) (departure from paro international airport)