Located in the Eastern Himalayas, Bhutan heads towards a sustainable development, approach guided by the philosophy of Gross National Happines (GNH). Bhutan continues to retain its ancient culture, which has been shaped by Buddhism. In this tour we will bring you to Thimphu Valley and Paro Valley.Thimphu is the political and economic center of Bhutan, and also boosts a number of cultural sights, in which literature, art, music religion, customs and the national dress code is reflected in the media. Thimphu is also host to the famous festival Tshechu, which is held annually during autumn (September/ October), on dates corresponding with the Bhutanese calendar. (Please check the Festival Schedule for dates).

In the other highlights of this tour, we bring you to explore the picturesque Paro valley. The rich cultural heritage, the scenic beauty and its myths and legends makes Paro irresistible for every traveler. This tour is designed for travelers who have limited time, but would like to get an experience of Bhutan.

Brief Itinerary

DAY 1: ARRIVR PARO (2250m) – THIMPH (2300 m) 65KM/APPROX 1HR

DAY 2: THIMPHU (2300m)

DAY 3: THIMPHU (2300 m) – PARO (2250m) TIGER’S NEST HIKE

DAY 4: PARO DEPERTURE (Paro International Airport)